first and foremost,an apology on my bad attitude yesterday.yes, i'm ashamed of that immatured side of me..i was so mad yesterday,but me myself have no idea on what purpose i was mad of..i am truly sorry for that..forgive me eh? am i forgiven???

okay,about today~~~~from morning until the evening,it was a cheerful day.i met yatie after i went to library,we went to suq al lail (pasar malam la..hehe) together..we were chit-chatting along the way..well,that is us~~exchanging stories and listening to each other are part of our routines~hehe about today's food, we were sharing 1 big potato spring and a nasi lemak together,and of usual,we bought some kopok lekor~and an ice cream..oh yes..we shared that ice cream too..

about sharing foods,actually we are not stingy okay~but it is better to share foods is ukhwah fillah then.hehe

okay,i'm lacking of ideas now..hmmm think it would be better for me to stop now..thank you for reading on unfurnished dreamland of mind~hehe see you guys tomorrow ya~

with lots of love,

this is my first post on this blog, but i don't know why i am feeling damn bad right now, it is not that i am creating this blog to curse people, NO!! that is so not me~

but I really have no idea~I really wanna cry out loud~can you hear me??am I this fragile??OMG~this is out of my expectation~this shouldn't be on my first post~but this is what I feel right now~I am tired~tired of all this~I can do nothing~I am not able to share this with anyone else~yes~I keep all these creepy feelings inside me~alone~i wanna cry right now~seriously ='(

okay~i have to stop this now or else my room will be flooded with blood tears~uhuk ='(


*I am so not in a good mood~I am not always  like this~actually i am a good girl =p